TEDMED Live 2014

Here at TEDMED, our goal has long been to create one week of hyper-inclusive, interdisciplinary, and global conversation about the future of health and medicine. With another stage and a new partnership in 2014, we are making swift advances towards that goal.

The last part of the equation, though, is TEDMED Live. The TEDMED Live program is a critical component of TEDMED’s global footprint: it is our way of bringing the TEDMED experience to the world. Through web stream, the powerful messages from the stage program permeate into the far reaches of the health and medical innovation eco system. Last year, there were 1,500 delegates at the conference, but more than 200,000 people were watching worldwide via

We recognize that it is far more than just doctors that have influence in healthcare these days. There are students, patients, nurses, government officials, researchers, advocacy groups, and entrepreneurs making big changes. For all stakeholders, TEDMED Live acts as a line-in to the leading edge of healthcare
innovation. The simulcast program allows centers of healthcare innovation such as medical schools, research institutions, and teaching hospitals to pause and take a step back to look at the larger healthcare picture and where they fit. But more importantly, the larger picture and novel perspectives inspire new
approaches and a forward-thinking mindset.

These organizations leveraged TEDMED Live in ways that best fit their goals. Some universities brought their community together in lecture halls around the globe, making the TEDMED program real with local subject matter experts to speak directly to what their audience had just heard direct from the TEDMED curated stage. Others chose to stream the select talks that aligned best with their
schedules and hot topics for them, and more still convened to watch the entire conference live. What they saw was important, but what happened after the TEDMED Live stream is what TEDMED is all about.

The champions of these local TEDMED Live events saw transformations taking place in their organizations. There were new connections being made, creative ideas afloat, and thoughtful discussions that otherwise would not have happened. For all the persistence in thoughtful planning to bring those on the frontlines of health and medicine in their community together with the rest of the world, these leaders had successfully made a very positive impact on their organization. One participant commented that their experience was “Inspiring! Not just for the great content, but for the way we leveraged TEDMED to move our organization to
collaborate and begin to think differently about the challenges we face.” Yet another participant “… decided to attend in person next year.”

The testimonials were welcome validation. They showed that we had succeeded in engaging a truly global community. This community is only slated to grow. TEDMED plans to be in 7 countries in 2015. TEDMED Live, on the other hand, plans to be in 100+. By creating this vast health and medicine network, the definition of problems becomes easier and more refined. The transfer of knowledge is expedited. The world, from a healthcare perspective, is flattened.
This is what TEDMED represents, and this is what TEDMED Live provides.

This value is not lost on us. Thanks to a few strategic partnerships, we are able to offer TEDMED Live for free to accredited colleges and universities, teaching hospitals, government agencies and approved non-profit organizations. The goal of this is not to pad our stats sheet. Rather, in building such a vast network that is actively engaged, together we create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.
We can’t wait to bring you TEDMED Live 2014. Sign up here.

All the best,
The TEDMEDLive Team

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